Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mediterranean Diet Facts and Health Benefits

As many of you know the Mediterranean diet is proven to be good for your health. Find out why on this Link.

Canarian Hospitals Top in Private Health Care

Whilst many feel that private health care is an expense it is good to know that the Canary Islands have the best private health care facilities throughout Spain.

The Ministery of Health's annual catalogue of hospitals with data collected up to 31st December, 2015 shows that 57.9% of Canarian hospitals are private owned. The Canary Islands has more private hospitals than any other region is Spain. The Canaries has a total of 38 hospitals of which 22 are private. The other regions have:

    • Andalusia 48.1%
    • Aragon 24.1%
    • Asturias 30%
    • Balearic Islands 41.7%
    • Cantabria 14.3%
    • Castilla and Leon 30.6%
    • Castilla La Mancha 28.6%
    • Cataluña 53.5%
    • Valencia 32.8%
    • Extremadura 42.1%
    • Madrid 40.7%
    • Murcia 51.9%
    • Navarre 18.2%
    • Basque Country 34.1%
    • La Rioja 57.1%

The Canary Islands also have 237 items of high technology equipment, with 33 TAC, 32 mammography and 24 magnetic devices (most of them in private centres).

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

El Mojon Hospital, Tenerife south first 46 bed short-stay beds in operation.

The long awaited first 46 short-stay convalescence beds are now available in El Mojon Hospital as of last Friday. A further 49 beds will be operational by 1st September. Full details from the Canarian Weekly article can be found on this link South Hospital opens!