Monday, 6 March 2017

Club Adeslas discounts

With Adeslas private health care  we also offer you a network of establishments, in which by only presenting your insurance card you can access interesting benefits and discounts:

Make sure you enrol in the Club using your Adeslas policy card number on this link and click on Accede Ahora to register for your discounts.

More details about the discounts can be found below.

Club Adeslas discounts - Barceló Viajes

Permanent offer:

5% direct discount and 7% discount for reservations with 60 days in advance: Touristic packages of wholesalers Grupo Barceló, Circuits for Europe of Panavisión and Cruises.

Consult conditions. not applicable records group discounts, fees or management fees. Discounts cumulative with offers of tour operators and shipping companies; Not cumulative to other collective discounts.

Valid for Adeslas policyholders, accompanying persons and first-degree relatives.

Reservations at Barceló Viajes Offices and on the 902 200 400 identified with the Adeslas insured card.

7% off direct discount at Plan B Experiences!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable.”Catherine Pulsifer

As a property owner, there is really no good reason to go without house insurance. Whether you are living in it or renting it out. A house is possibly the biggest and most important investment you'll every make, therefore, it is crucial for you to protect it for both your sake and your family's. 

This does not only apply to property owners, those renting accommodation (tennants) are not covered for their personal possessions by the landlord's insurance, which is covering the building and their own personal affects. If you cherish your belongings you should consider content insurance if there is a fire, flood, break-in at least you will have peace of mind and be covered for your own personal belongings in such an event. 

Imagine if your "Home Sweet Home" was:
  • Burnt to the ground and you had no insurance cover to start over again?
  • Flooded due to a burst pipe and your electronics fried beyond repair?
  • Burgled and all your prize possessions stolen?
Home insurance is important not only for the re-structure and construction of the property, but also for your personal and essential possessions that you have gathered over the years, furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. Imagine the cost of re-building and replacing everything and starting all over again!

Our fully comprehensive insurance covers you for:
  • Burglary/Robbery outside of the property (600€)
  • Burglary to property, annexes, garden sheds, storage areas
  • Fire, explosion, lighting strike
  • Water damage, piping, fuel spillage, oversights in turning off taps or the like, broken pipes, frost damage (maybe not for Tenerife!!) 
  • Damage from water leakage defeats of sealing joints in bathtubs, showers, sinks or similar 
  • Repair to pipes 
  • Electrical repairs
  • Costs to repair blocked pipes
  • Fire damage
  • Glass breakages
  • Personal contents, furnishings
  • Jewellery (up to 10,000€)
  • Objects of value, antiques, paintings (up to 10,000€)
  • Replacement locks
  • Replacement documentation
  • Breakages of glass, marble, santitary appliances, ceramic hobs
  • Damages caused by vandalism, atmospheric phenomena, flooding, impact, sound waves and smoke
  • Civil responsibility
  • Household contents
  • 24 hour Assistance 365 days

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Club Adeslas discounts - Sarquavitae

Club Adeslas members are entitled to the following discounts with Sarquavitae:

  • SARquavitae is the largest platform in Spain for socio-health care services for people. It is organized in five lines of activity: residential centers and day centers, home care, homes with services and telecare.

  • 10% discount on private rates on the network of more than 50 residential centers and day centers SARquavitae:
  • Temporary stays: Family respite (programs adapted to the personal needs at weekends, transfers, vacations, rest of the caretaker) and Convalescence stays.
  • Permanent stays: Care for autonomous or dependent elderly people; Specialized care in the care of Alzheimer's patients and other dementias; Treatment of processes and complex situations of people with great disability.
  • 10% discount on official rates for indefinite and temporary stays in ADOREA services (Benalmádena, Girona and Sevilla):
  • Apartments for rent for people who appreciate the advantages of having in their own home with all the services that may be needed both domestic and hotel and, where appropriate, health and welfare.
  • 10% discount on official Teleassistance rates Fixed with a minimum stay of one year in the service.

Special conditions for new customers.Discounts applicable to official rates, not cumulative to other discounts and according to the availability of places at any time.For the service of Teleassistance it is necessary a stay of one year in the service.The discount on Homes with services is applied during the first year for indefinite stays.