Thursday, 15 September 2016

Health Cuts in Public Health Care in the Canaries

It has been reported today in the Tenerife News that residents are urged to fight public health cuts. The government of the archipelago is planning to slash the budget by 11 million euros affecting materials and human resources in the already heavily burdened public health sector.

The cuts will affect the renewal of recent contracts, sick leave, holidays and days off and will have a major impact on the University Hospital, Tenerife with the loss of 5,000 ultrasounds, 1,000 operations and 200 resonance imaging equipment.

This will place the Canaries in 2017 last in the rankings for waiting lists, which will result in the worsening of diseases and increased mortality, in short creating a bigger problem in public health.

If you don't have private medical health care, perhaps now is a good time to take out private health insurance?